Mark and Leah's Engagement Shoot in Chipping Campden

on Friday, 16 August 2013.

When Leah first contacted me via email from Bahrain and wanted me to shoot her wedding, as you could imagine I was really stoked to say the least that she got my ethos and loved my style. As I read on she described both herself and Mark as rather un-photogenic and I thought "ah ha" we have a challenge ahead, and don't get me wrong I just love a challenge.

Well they jetted in the week before their wedding and we met in lounge of the very pretty Cotswold House Hotel in Chipping Campden which is only 20 mins from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. Talk about under selling your self..... they looked lovely when they walked in holding hands! We sat down over coffee and I heard all about their plans for the wedding on the up and coming Saturday. Leah showed me some Pintrest type things she had gathered so that I got a sense as to what to expect on the day. WOW..... this was going to be awesome!

We then wandered out into the lovely gardens to have some "camera fun" just so that they could get used to me and my camera and I believe subconsciously teaches you to relax so on your big day things just flow and if you are relaxed then your pictures will be amazing.

cheltenham wedding photographer

I love to shoot very natural portraits and if someone tells me that they are not photogenic, then I usually take this with a grain of salt. Why??? you may ask. Well for the simple reason that I have discovered there is usually something very beautiful about people and even if we perceive ourselves as a bit of an "ugly duckling" that is only because that is how we see ourselves. My job is to find the spark and capture it. Often when I shoot couples I may ask a question that triggers a spontaneous sparkle and that is "the shot".

cheltenham wedding photography

I love to have fun on my shoots and watch how playfully couples interact with each other. Because this shoot with Leah and Mark took place 4 days before the wedding the air was highly charged and buzzing, you could feel the love. It was an awesome experience and we got some cracking pics.

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